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About us

WOOLINKS DÉVELOPPEMENT is a company specialized in innovative solutions for companies that welcome the public.

Based on his experience WOOLINKS DÉVELOPPEMENT is part of three observations:

We entered the area of digital, through a break with traditional means of communication (paper).

Mandatory signage has become subject to strict regulations followed by the authorities.

To meet the market context, we have decided to support you in this transformation with maximum optimization and efficiency.

Our solutions, 100% customizable, meet your needs, provide you with tools and services that will allow you to maximize your performance and user experience.

A dedicated contact accompanies you throughout the use of our equipment (from project to deployment).

WOOLINKS DÉVELOPPEMENT is your communication partner with a high added value.
Our equipment is a long-term solution. We develop effective communication tools to promote your added value.

Any question?

Our 100% customizable solutions, assembled in France , meet your needs, while providing you with tailor-made tools and services. For more information, contact us on 01 80 98 46 48 or via a contact form! Our team will answer you as soon as possible.
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