Kleeny +, the multimedia hygiene kiosk

Protect your customers, communicate about your products
With the Coronavirus pandemic, hygiene in businesses or establishments receiving the public is becoming more important.
Coronavirus/COVID 19, beyond the great danger it poses to some people, is particularly contagious.
So much so that the local epidemic quickly took on the dimension of a global pandemic.
Stopping the spread of the virus has become a top priority and every organization must be involved in this process on a daily basis.
The Kleeny+ hygiene station with its non-contact hydroalcoholic gel distribution system will allow you to protect your customers, but not only…
Thanks to its 22-inch high-definition screen, it will allow you to communicate about your products and services.
The aesthetics and variety of features of Kleeny+ makes it possible to meet the needs of different environments such as the reception hall in the tertiary, store entrance, hotel reception, waiting room of a medical practice etc..

« With Kleeny+, protect your customers and communicate about your products! »

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 Our 100% customizable solutions, assembled in France , meet your needs, while providing you with tailor-made tools and services. For more information, contact us on 01 80 98 46 48 or via a contact form! Our team will answer you as soon as possible.

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